My lab

My lab is located at the main FSU campus in the Nuclear Research Building (Collins) on the 3rd floor. We have about 1000 sq. ft. laboratory space. Equipment and instruments to conduct research on questions related to the ecology and physiology of phytoplankton are available.

  • Mass spectrometer: Pfeiffer Quadrupole Mass spectrometer. Suitable to measure gas-exchange of phytopkankton in suspention and in real time. This includes a flow through cuvette and a O2 electrode style cuvette. We use this equipment to measure net community productvity in the field and to analyze CO2 vs. HCO3- uptake of phytoplankton cells in the lab. Specific enzymatic reactions can be measured with his highly sensitive instrument as well.
  • A Firesting O2 4 channel fiber-optic oxygen meter to determine O2 concentrations and measure photosynthetic and respiratory rates.
  • Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometer (FRRF; FastOcean+FastAct2 Chelsea) including a solenoid valve to switch between different samples for the photophysiological characterization of phytoplankton.
  • Turner design Trilogy fluorometer.
  • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Thermo Evolution 220.
  • Peristaltic pumps.
  • Filtration equipment for 25 mm and 47 mm filters.
  • Light incubator: Two Thermo illuminated incubators 818 for the laboratory microcosm experiment.
  • Light microscopy: Olympus BX60F5 with digital camera.
  • -80°C freezer for long-term sample storage.
  • Gas mixing units to generate different CO2 concentrations
  • Western Blot equipment to analyze proteins


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