My lab

My lab is located at the main FSU campus in the Nuclear Research Building (Collins) on the 3rd floor. We have about 1000 sq. ft. laboratory space. Equipment and instruments to conduct research on questions related to the ecology and physiology of phytoplankton are available. Mass spectrometer: Pfeiffer Quadrupole Mass spectrometer. Suitable to measure gas-exchange … More My lab

Our mission

Despite their microscopic size, phytoplankton are responsible for about half of the global primary production. This diverse group of organisms is an integral component of the global biosphere, driving biogeochemical cycling of important elements while exporting large amounts of carbon to deep waters and sediments. In coastal regions, these organisms also have a socioeconomically significance … More Our mission


We just started working on a few interesting topics on phytoplankton physiology and biogeochemistry. Effect of CO2 and variable light on growth, photochemistry, toxin and TEP production of a HAB forming Diatom. This project is in collaboration with Kate Hubbard and Maya Robert from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute. This research is part … More News