Group members

PI- Kranz (2017) prior to CCE-LTER on the R/V Revelle

I received my PhD at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) with Dr. Bjoern Rost working of CO2effects on the N2-fixing cyanobacterium Trichodesmium. After a short Post-Doc in the same group I had the opportunity to work with Prof. François Morel at Princeton University on the carbon acquisition of Southern Ocean phytoplankton while continuing my work on CO2effects on Trichodesmium under Fe-limitation. In 2014 I started at the EOAS department at FSU as an Assistant Professor. I currently work on several projects including CO2effects on the dinoflagellate Karenia brevis, CO2and light effects on the diatom Pseudo-nitzschia,Thalassiosiraand light effects on the cyanobacteria Synechococcusand Prochlorochoccus. In my work at FSU, I am building upon my work as a PhD student and Post-doctoral researcher and continue to increase my portfolio to better understand the regulation of physiological processes of phytoplankton under environmental change. While working mainly in the laboratory, I also conduct fieldwork. In 2012 I spent 2 month at Palmer station in Antarctica and in 2017 I participated in the CCE-LTER process cruise in  which I measured net community productivity using a membrane inlet mass spectrometer.

Tristyn B. (PhD candidate) presenting her data on phytoplankton light acclimation to different light sources

Tristyn is a 4thyear graduate student. She is currently working on a project analyzing the response of the toxic dinoflagellate to changes in CO2. Here, processes such as productivity, carbon acquisition and toxin production are investigated. Tristyn is also working on a project analyzing the (us)suitability of different commercially available “growth” light sources. Here photophysiology, growth and productivity is investigated.





Brooke Barber is a first year Master student. She is currently characterizing the response of different phytoplankton species to variable light conditions. This project includes the characterization of cellular photophysiologcial responses as well as biogeochemical important pathways such as nutrient uptake dynamics.




Adriana S. : working on macrophyte carbon acquisition

Adriana S. is currently working on her honors thesis, measuring inorganic carbon uptake using in macrophytes using membrane inlet mass spectrometry.

Angela H. and Ariana G. – former Undergraduate Research Opportunity students and Research Assistants working with Prochlorochoccus and Synechococcus cultures.

RJ – former Leon County High School student helping with lab maintenance while his FRRF measurement is running
Savane – former Leon County High School student measuring Synechococcus cell fluorescence
Alex – former Leon County Middle School student reading a scientific paper to understand the basics of the measurements he conducts

Taylor Mogavero – current undergraduate student


Yulyia Danyuk (FSU – Honors student at Florida State University)

Perry, Knight (FSU)

Kennedy Wohlgemuth (FSU), alumni

Daniel Owens, Honors student at Florida State University, alumni

Daniel Corbett, (FSU) , alumni

Kathryn Ferguson,  (FSU), alumni